My name is Zachary Gutherman, and I am a 23 year old sports videographer, photographer, and video editor! Located in Savannah, Georgia, my goal is to create the highest quality, most engaging content across all platforms! I currently work as a videographer for the Savannah Bananas and as a video editor for creator Zack Hample! Outside of video work, I perform close up card magic at parties and events! I look forward to working with you!

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Zachary Gutherman is an award winning cinematographer and editor who has been making short films and videos for over 10 years! Zachary currently works as a video editor for Zack Hample's YouTube channel and as a video production intern for the Savannah Bananas, where he captures all of the fun that occurs on the field during the 2024 Bannana Ball World Tour! Throughout his career, Zachary has also had the opportunity to shoot videos for clients such as the Goldman Sachs 10KSB, the Lehigh Valley Health Network, DeSales University, Central Wyoming College, the Archdiocese of Newark, and the Philadelphia100 Forum! 

Having been performing for teen/adult audiences since 2018, Zachary Gutherman is a close up magician that specializes in card routines, mentalism, escape acts, and comedy! Throughout his career, Zachary has performed for professional magicians such as Jeki Yoo, Spidey, and Blaise Serra! He is most well known for his original routines, such as the "Magic Lego Box, "  "Bigger Than a Deck of Cards," and "The Most Insane Card Trick," which is a straight jacket escape mixed with a card trick that placed 2nd in the 2021 DSU Got Talent Show! Today, Zachary can mostly be found performing close up magic at parties, bars, and events!

In addition to his passion for videography, Zachary has been pursuing photography for almost 10 years! He specializes in event, sports, and macro photography and has had the opportunity to shoot take photos at countless events, such as weddings, charity golf outings, BNI networking events,  and first year orientation at DeSales University! Outside of paid photo work, Zachary enjoys taking close up photos of Lego minifigures and playing cards, which he often shares on his social media pages! 



Send an email to: or text "VIDEO" to 267 - 563 - 0412.


Send an email to or text "MAGIC" to 267 - 563 - 0412.

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