10 Fun Facts About Zachary Gutherman!

1. Zachary is an Eagle Scout.

Zachary Gutherman became the 67th Eagle Scout of BSA Troop 82 on October 17, 2018. For his service project, he renovated a playground at the Hulmeville Borough Building,  which took over 1,400 hours of community service! (and yes, the video on the left was edited by a much younger Zac, and features many pictures of his younger self.)

2. Zachary's favorite playing card is the 7 of clubs.

Ever since he played the role of Harry Houdini in his high school's haunted house, Zachary's favorite card has been the 7 of clubs. Why? Zachary wanted to post a playing card reveal on his Instagram page, so he grabbed a random playing card from his deck, posed with it dressed as Houdini, and that card was the 7 of clubs. Ever since, he has fallen in love with the card and taken countless photos with it. The card has been with Zachary through his ups and downs and is infinitely more than a card to him now, it's a lifestyle. Zachary also has a least favorite card in the deck, but we don't talk about the Queen of Diamonds...

3. Zachary trains powerlifting at least 5 days/week.

It's true! Zachary goes to the gym at least 5 days/week and does intense strength training, as well as cardio since he is currently cutting! His current bench PR is 180lbs for 1 reps, squat PR is 245lbs for 1 rep, and his deadlift PR is 275lbs for 1 rep. Zachary says that working out at the gym with friends not only helps his physical health, but also his mental health, improving his confidence when in front of a camera or performing on stage! Going to the gym is also the key to not losing his mind during long days and nights editing videos!

4. Zachary's favorite artist is Juice WRLD!

Zachary's favorite musical artist is Juice WRLD,  and according to his 2023 Spotify Wrapped, Zachary was in the top .5% of all Juice WRLD listeners. His favorite released song is "Flaws and Sins" and his favorite Juice album is "Good Bye and Good Riddance." His favorite unreleased songs are "La la," "I Growl," and "Good Times (ft. Kid Cudi)." (The picture is of Zachary with two of his closest friends at a college party, because as Juice would say, "The Party Never Ends...")

5. Zachary collects baseballs.

Since 2017, Zachary has been collecting game used baseballs from MiLB and MLB games. He currently has gotten 26 baseballs from professional athletes at baseball games, most notably tossed to him by Clint Frazier, Tomas Nido, and Deivi Grullon. His first ever baseball was tossed to him in 2017 by the late Chace Numata, who was a prospect for the Phillies at the time. Being based in PA, Zachary is a huge fan of Philadelphia sports teams, mainly the Phillies and Eagles. His second favorite baseball team is the Blue Jays because he got to watch Vladdy, Bo Bichette, and Cavan Biggio a lot when they were in double A.

6. Zachary vlogged every day of his senior year of high school. 

In his senior year of high school, Zachary convinced his friends to start a vlog where every day, they'd film something that happened and Zachary would edit all of the clips into a 40 minute vlog. He played the vlog at his high school graduation party, and to this day, it is an accomplishment that he is very proud of. Want to watch the vlog? Too bad. It is not public anywhere on the internet. (It had been posted as an unlisted YouTube video, but has since been deleted, because high school is long over, and we cannot live in the past.) Zachary plans on posting the vlog for real the summer before his own future kid goes into senior year of high school, in hopes that he/she continues the tradition. He wants to have a vlog watch party and invite all of his high school friends over to his (hopefully) mansion out west and remember the memories of CEC while passing the torch to the next generation of Guthermans.

7. Zachary's biggest inspiration in life is Daniel Madison.

Without a doubt, the biggest inspiration and influence on Zachary's life has come from Daniel Madison. As both a magician and person in general, the teachings and advice of Madison has shaped Zachary into the performer he is today. He often lives by the quotes "Don't Try," "Do Something," and "Perform." These are all very powerful lessons from Madison that have stuck with Zachary and made him who he is. Without Madison, Zachary Gutherman would not be Zachary Gutherman: the magician he is today, or the confident individual he presents himself as. "We cannot recover from who we are, nor should we try to." (Zachary's madSLINGshot video is on Madison's screen in this picture, which is amazing!) 

8. Zachary shoots with Canon cameras and edits on Final Cut Pro.

Throughout his time as a Filmmaker and YouTuber, Zachary has shot almost exclusively on Canon cameras.  He has worked with cameras such as the EOS 1300D (which is Zachary's personal camera,) the 5D, the 1D-C (his personal favorite,) the C100, and the C300 and owns a small collection of Canon EF and EF-S lenses, with his favorite being his EF 50mm f1.8 lens. As an editor, Zachary works exclusively in Final Cut Pro X for all aspects of his post production workflow. (However, as a professional colorist, he can color in any application.) He knows that he receives a lot of flak for being a Final Cut editor, but at the end of day, Zachary believes it is the editor that makes a good video, not the software. However, it is nice when your software can edit 4K on a laptop and autosaves automatically.

9. Zachary helped break the world record for most bubble gum bubbles blown simultaneously. 

In 2018, Zachary attended the MiLB Eastern League All Star Game at Arm and Hammer Park in Trenton, NJ. After the game, select members of the fans were invited on the field to help Yankees legend Bernie Williams break the world record for the most bubble gum bubbles blown simultaneously. The record was broken that day, and Zachary was very excited to be a part of the 881 people who took part in it! To this day, the record still is yet to have been beaten!

10. All of Zachary's life goals are going to be posted to YouTube in 10 years.

During the COVID-19 lockdown when Zachary was at a low point in his life, he decided to take out his camera and make a video about his goals for life. He posted the video to YouTube and scheduled it to go live in 10 years from the date it was uploaded. Those who know Zachary would know that he dreams big and is very ambitious with his life's goals, and this video was without a doubt no different. The time is now, and Zachary is constantly working towards his biggest goals in life. (Goals so big that not a single soul knows them, except for Zachary, who is typing this in the third person) He cannot wait to show you what he has in store as a Filmmaker, Magician, and YouTuber!

"Get ready, things are about to get real!" -Zac



Send an email to: z.gutherman@gmail.com or text "VIDEO" to 267 - 563 - 0412.


Send an email to z.gutherman@gmail.com or text "MAGIC" to 267 - 563 - 0412.

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