Zachary performing an original card routine on stage at the Labuda Center for Performing Arts!

"My Brain Froze..." -Spidey

Zachary Gutherman is a 23 year old entertainer who has been performing close up magic for teen/adult audiences since 2018! He provides a young, fresh face to magic through close up card routines, mentalism, escape acts, and comedy! Throughout his career, Zachary has performed for professional magicians such as Jeki Yoo (who appeared on Season 12 of America's Got Talent,) Spidey (who has appeared on hit TV shows such as "The Wizard Wars," "Penn and Teller Fool Us," and "Brainchild" on Netflx,) and Blaise Serra (a magic consultant for Shin Lim!)  Zachary's show is centered on character, storytelling, and the experiences of the audience and is sure to leave all the spectators in awe! Still unsure? Reach out and setup a FREE showcase of magic for you to see the lasting impact of what Zachary has to offer!

Book A Show!

Zachary Gutherman offers magic for any occasion! Below are some of the different show options that Zachary offers:

CLOSE UP:  Ideal for small parties, bars, restaurants, wedding receptions, and other intimate gatherings, Zachary's close up show is great for keeping your guests entertained! For this show, Zachary will make his way to each table/group of guests and perform a series of close up magic and mentalism for them, ensuring everyone gets to be a part of the performance!

STAGE: Ideal for groups of 50 - 300 people, Zachary's stage show features 1 - 2 hours of the best magic, mentalism, comedy, and escape acts in Zachary's repertoire! For this option, you must have a stage/theater (with a lavalier microphone system) available to use as your venue and contact Zachary's manager at least 30 days before the expected date of the show!

VARIETY ACT: Ideal for comedy clubs, charity events, and TV specials, Zachary will perform one 10 minute original magic performance from his show to amaze your audience and leave them wanting more!

TO BOOK: For prices and to book Zachary for your event, please send an email to or text "MAGIC" to 267 - 563 - 0412 and he will work with you to setup the show!

Zachary being tied into a straight jacket while performing his original routine titles "The Most Insane Card Trick" at the 2021 DSU Got Talent Show, where he came in 2nd place!

Zachary escaping from a straight jacket!

Zachary performing an original mentalism routine on stage at the DeSales University Concert for Change!

Zachary inviting an audience member to light his hand on fire during an outdoor show!

Zachary performing on stage at the 2021 DSU Got Talent Show, where he presented his original routine "Bigger Than a Deck of Cards" for the DeSales audience for the very first time!

"My brain froze..." -Bedros "Spidey" Akkelian

“I loved Zac’s presentation, I thought that was so creative.” -Blaise Serra

“The guy (Zachary) blew it away, probably my favorite routine of the day.” -Ryan Edwards

“His personality and performance value is great.” -Jeki Yoo

“That is the kind of presentation I love…that was incredible” - Bedros "Spidey" Akkelian

"The band was kickass, but Zachary stole the show!"  - Dylan Weissman 

"Demon" -Jay Sankey (via Instagram DM)



Send an email to: or text "VIDEO" to 267 - 563 - 0412.


Send an email to or text "MAGIC" to 267 - 563 - 0412.

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