About Me!

Hello, my name is Zachary Gutherman, and I am a 23 year old videographer, magician, photographer, and YouTube creator! I was born and raised near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and graduated college from DeSales University in Center Valley, PA, but I currently live in Savannah, Georgia, where I work as a video production intern for the Savannah Bananas! Additionally, I am the main editor for creator Zack Hample, where the videos I've edited have received over 8 million views on YouTube! Outside of video work, my hobbies include weightlifting, spending time with friends, and performing close up magic! Speaking of magic, was your card the 7 of clubs?

My Favorite Quotes 

"Perform." - Daniel Madison

"Don't try, just do." -Daniel Madison

"The difference between theater and performance art is that in performance art, the knife is real." - Daniel Madison

"We cannot recover from who we are, nor should we try to" - Daniel Madison and Daniel Schnieder

"Talk to yourself, don't listen to yourself" -Jon Dorenbos

"If you're bored that means you're boring." -Unknown 

"People enjoy entertainment because it's entertaining, not because it's making money." -JANG

"                              " - Teller



Send an email to: z.gutherman@gmail.com or text "VIDEO" to 267 - 563 - 0412.


Send an email to z.gutherman@gmail.com or text "MAGIC" to 267 - 563 - 0412.

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