Zachary on stage performing mentalism for a crowd of 100+ at the 3rd Annual Concert for Change at DeSales University!

Stage Shows

Ideal for groups of 50 - 300 people, Zachary's stage show features 1 - 2 hours of the best magic in Zachary's repertoire, including close up card routines, mentalism, comedy, and Zachary's straight jacket escape! Even though this show has a much larger audience than his close up shows, Zachary can guarantee that the show features effects that will allow every member of the audience to be directly involved in the show! Zachary can perform both solo stage shows, where he is the main/headline act, or he can perform as an opening act for other magicians, comedians, singers, or other types of performers! The show can be any length and catered toward the specific audience* of the venue! Stage shows are ideal for:

♣ Community Theaters

♥ College Campuses 

♠ Stadiums/Large Venues

♦ And More!

Show Logistics

In order to have Zachary Gutherman perform a stage show for you and your audience, you must have a venue booked with a stage and professional sound system for Zachary to perform at. The sound system must have a working wireless lavaliere microphone system as well as some type of table to be used during the performance. It is also highly recommended, but not required, that the venue has a way to show a live projection of the show on a screen on the stage so that audience members in the back can see clearly what is happening on stage.  For prices or to book Zachary for a stage show, send an email to or text "MAGIC" to 267 - 563 - 0412 at least 30 days prior to the date of the show! 

Unlike most escape acts, Zachary allows audience members to tie him in the straight jacket to ensure it is on him as tight as possible!

"My brain froze..." -Bedros "Spidey" Akkelian

“I loved Zac’s presentation, I thought that was so creative.” -Blaise Serra

“The guy (Zachary) blew it away, probably my favorite routine of the day.” -Ryan Edwards

“His personality and performance value is great.” -Jeki Yoo

“That is the kind of presentation I love…that was incredible” - Bedros "Spidey" Akkelian

"The band was kickass, but Zachary stole the show!"  - Dylan Weissman 

"Demon" -Jay Sankey (via Instagram DM)

*Zachary Gutherman is an entertainer for teen/adult audiences. He will not perform for events such as children's birthday parties. In the event he shows up to a performance and it is for a child audience, he will not perform the show and you will not receive a refund for the show. 



Send an email to: or text "VIDEO" to 267 - 563 - 0412.


Send an email to or text "MAGIC" to 267 - 563 - 0412.

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