There are countless magicians in the entertainment pool to choose from, so what makes Zachary Gutherman's show stand out from the rest? 

"You are the performance, perform."

Why Zachary Gutherman?

Located in Savannah, Georgia, Zachary Gutherman is a 23 year old entertainer who has been performing comedy magic for teen/adult audiences since 2018! Unlike your typical magic act, his show is not based around generic card plots such as the ambitious card, stereotypical illusions like the linking rings, or a man in a top hat who can make a dove appear. That style of magician is old, outdated, and uninteresting.

 Zachary Gutherman provides a young, fresh face to magic by centering his show around performance and character: of the cards, the audience, and most importantly, himself.  Throughout the show, the audience will join Zachary on his journey with the playing cards to experience genuine human interaction, tell stories,  and find our true selves! Zachary's show is a performance that is sure to leave audiences with an experience they'll never forget!

Zachary's Repertoire

Throughout his years of training and preforming magic, Zachary has developed an extensive repertoire of both original routines and performances of magic! Below are some of his most well known original performances which will be included as part of his show:

♣ "The Magic Lego Box": An original color changing deck routine featuring one of Zachary's all time favorite props - Lego bricks! 

♥ "Bigger Than a Deck of Cards": One of Zachary's most coveted original mentalism routines, where Zachary makes the performance "bigger" than an ordinary card trick with an incredible prediction!

♠ "The College Routine": This original presentation is one of Zachary's all time favorites to perform! It is an interactive card piece that allows the entire audience to relive the college experience with Zachary!

 ♦ "Zachary Gutherman's ACAAN": Arguably the MOST FAIR Any Card at Any Number Routine in magic! Zachary's original handling of this classic piece of card magic features no false deals, no stacked decks, and happens entirely in the audience's hands out a deck that THEY fairly shuffled! 

♣ "Sam the Stripper": Zachary's original presentation of the classic "Story Deck" plot is sure to make audiences laugh! Imagine Sam the Bellhop, but rated R...

"Kairos": Named after the Greek word for the "opportune moment," this is one of Zachary's strongest closing effects! It is an original card routine that  involves a face up card transposition and challenges audience members to deeply explore their hopes, dreams, and goals for life!

"The Most Insane Card Trick":  Zachary finds a freely named playing card while escaping from a straight jacket! This comedy act is very hands on and sure to engage your audience: especially when Zachary agrees to pay each audience member $100 if he cannot escape from the jacket in under 2 minutes!

Most magicians have an ambitious card routine. Not Zachary. Instead, Zachary's cards have an ambitious magician...

"My brain froze..." -Bedros "Spidey" Akkelian

“I loved Zac’s presentation, I thought that was so creative.” -Blaise Serra

“The guy (Zachary) blew it away, probably my favorite routine of the day.” -Ryan Edwards

“His personality and performance value is great.” -Jeki Yoo

“That is the kind of presentation I love…that was incredible” - Bedros "Spidey" Akkelian

"The band was kickass, but Zachary stole the show!"  - Dylan Weissman 

"Demon" -Jay Sankey (via Instagram DM)



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