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Since July of 2016, Zachary has been sharing his passions with audiences on YouTube! He currently owns and makes content for his two YouTube channels: ZG Brickfilms, which has over 2,000 subscribers and features videos on Zachary's Lego collecting journey, and ZG Films where he shares his passion for filmmaking and some of his published short films! Zachary also currently works as a video editor for YouTuber Zack Hample, who has over 600,000 subscribers who watch his videos visiting various baseball stadiums across the country!

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Legacy: Award Winning Lego Brickfilm

Check Out Zachary's YouTube Channels!

Since 2016, Zachary has been sharing his passion and love for Lego as an AFOL on the ZG Brickfilms channel, which specializes in videos about Zachary's custom Lego City! The city features 5 IKEA tables, a massive Harry Potter Display, and all of Zachary's Lego MOCs! The channel also features other Lego content, such as set reviews, haul videos, and the occasional stop motion! Zachary tries to upload at least 2 videos/month on the channel to please his over 2,000 subscribers through wholesome, family friendly Lego content! 

In November of 2019, Zachary created his second channel, ZG Films, which features all of his published short films, as well as other filmmaking related videos! He has big plans for the future of this channel, with hopes of beginning a full course of editing tutorials in Final Cut Pro X coming to the channel within the next few years! This channel is a lot less informal than the ZG Brickfilms channel, but Zachary tries to post at least 1 video every couple months for his 150+ subscribers on the channel!



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